TEXA joined BALTICDIAG to offer diagnostic tools worldwide

We started 2020 on a fast pace, with new tools, new improvements and that is not all!

Our big BALTICDIAG family is proud to announce a new family member – TEXA. New diagnostic solution range filled our portfolio, which step-by-step makes us No. 1 company to go to!


TEXA is well known experienced company with many products. The company itself was founded in 1992 and progressed to this day to become one of the most known companies in the world. We are firstly introducing diagnostic tools! More to come!


TEXA offers a multi-brand diagnostic solution, which can be customized to meet very different needs, depending on your scope of work (functions / coverage) and of course your personal preferences.


You can mix and match diagnostic packages, with user and vehicle interfaces, software packages can be customized with Bikes, Cars, Trucks / Buses, Construction, Agricultural and Marine coverage!


The diagnostic tool can be customized from 2 types of tabletes, option of laptops; 3 types of vehicle interface devices and of course – 6 types of vehicles and other applications. And we are not stopping here, but this is just a short introduction.

Additional products

Diagnostics is not everything, which we and TEXA will be offering. You can join other types of TEXA devices, accessories for everyday use for semi-professional and professional use! Many different devices for measurements, diagnostics, tools and even solutions for Remote Diagnostics.

TEXA perfectly suited for BALTICDIAG

We constantly strive to offer tools, which become solutions to everyday use in your workshop, garage, service or your company. This way we want to help you expand the scope of work, grow your business and develop!